Learn Polish during the SUMMER TERM 2024!

Polish language SUMMER course in Wroclaw in 2024

If you want to learn Polish in small groups of 3 to 5 people, in the center of Wroclaw and in a relaxed atmosphere, you’ve come to the right place! We teach practical language and want you to start using Polish in everyday conversations as soon as possible. That’s why during classes we focus mainly on speaking and practice all elements of the language through conversation. All our groups are divided into language groups: Slavic, Romance, etc., because we know that each group has its own pace in language acquisition. We invite you to sign up for the new summer semester 2024 in our Polish Dream language school here!

Not only the language course! 

Learning about the history and traditions of Poland can definitely help you understand the beauty and complexity of the language. We want to teach you the Polish language through various events, introducing you to Polish culture. We will cook together, travel and learn the language at the same time! Language is best learned when we come to class with joy. And we always try to create an atmosphere that will help you relax and feel like you are in a group of friends. Whenever the weather permits, we meet in the park and do outdoor lessons, combined with a picnic and tasting of Polish food. 

Learn Polish in the city center of Wroclaw and online with Polish Dream language school!

We also offer online classes for those who live in other countries! What’s more, our teachers provide listening and reading materials for each lesson, which you can use later and have lifetime access to. Online Polish lessons are taught in a very relaxed atmosphere, but at the same time our teachers are very demanding because they want you to make as much progress as possible! We use different platforms for classes, Zoom, Google Meet and Skype – you can choose which platform is most convenient for you.

Polish teachers in Wroclaw and online

If you are looking for Polish language teachers with a passion for teaching and a love for their own language, you have come to the right place! Our teachers at Polish Dream language school are first and foremost committed to what they do, energetic, organized and experienced. Their goal is to pass on the knowledge in such a way that you will enjoy learning Polish! We realize that Polish is described as one of the most difficult languages in the world (and this is true!), but taught in the right way and by the right people, it can become a pleasure. At Polish Dream school you can start your individual course at any time!