Polish course for free | All about language tandem

There are quite a few methods for learning Polish. You can use online courses or classroom courses, among others. However, the best way is to practice speaking with other people. This develops communication skills and allows you to learn interesting and necessary words and phrases. The sooner you start using Polish practically in speech, the sooner you can expect to see the results of your learning. One way of learning Polish by using it in dialogue is through language tandem.

Polish course for free

What exactly is a language tandem?

A language tandem is a linguistic exchange. It involves two multilingual people learning each others languages. The first person teaches their native language to the other person and vice versa. They pass on grammar information, necessary phrases, vocabulary and learn pronunciation to each other. With this method of learning, it is especially important to spread out, cooperate and keep up with your partner’s pace.

Where to start?

A Language tandem starts with finding a partner. In this case, you need to find someone whose native language is Polish. There are many apps that help you find a language partner, such as Tandem or HelloTalk. You can also look for a partner on various Facebook groups, discussion forums or thematic websites. Thanks to the sites, you can get a learning companion who has the same interests as you. Then your learning will be even more effective, because you will have common topics to talk about. Once you have found a partner, it is a good idea to agree on goals and what two people expect from each other. It is also a good idea to define your availability and establish a schedule for meetings, as it is important to be systematic in your learning. If meetings are constantly postponed, the effects of learning Polish will not be visible.

Who is this form of learning for? | Can it really be a Polish course for free?

Language tandem is for people who like modern and unconventional ways of absorbing knowledge. Those who have problems with independent learning and find it difficult to motivate themselves will certainly like this method. The basis of this system of learning is, first and foremost, a willingness to cooperate and a common goal, because language tandem is based on the acquisition of the partner’s language. Each party is therefore both student and teacher at the same time. Persistence in pursuit of a common goal will in time allow you to use Polish as if you were following the best language course.

How does tandem increase the effectiveness of learning

Thanks to this method of learning Polish, you have contact with the living language and not only with textbook knowledge. You practice speech, listening, using the vocabulary you have learned and grammar. In addition, you can learn more about Polish culture than any other source can guarantee you. You can also ask for recommendations of films, books or TV series that will also help you learn Polish. You can find out how Poles spend their free time and what it is like to live in this country. On top of all this, you save money because most platforms where you can find a language learning partner offer the service for free.

Mistakes made

In a language tandem, you must not forget that it is first and foremost an exchange, so you cannot dominate the whole meeting. You also need to give space for the other person to speak, as it is meant to be a collaboration. When it comes to organising the work, the problem may be that you don’t define common rules. You need to answer the questions of how often you meet and how long you want the meetings to take. What are your language goals? What do you want to base your conversations on? Are they to be spontaneous or do you come up with conversation topics on the fly? And please remember, to not to treat the language tandem only as a Polish course for free!