Polish certificate – what you should know?

Sometimes you may be asked to prove if you actually speak Polish. In such a case, a Polish certificate will be of help. In the following article, we will show you which Polish certificates you should be interested in.

Why someone may ask you about your certificate?


Certificates are often preferred by recruiters. If you want to work in a Polish-speaking environment, you must learn Polish. Finishing the Polish language course Wroclaw means that you can speak Polish. But – why would a recruiter believe you? Anyone can write anything in their resume. And many people overestimate their language proficiency.

This is where a certificate steps in and solves a problem. It is given by an independent, objective entity. Attaching it to your Polish job resume may make a recruiter take an interest in your application.

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If you want to study in Poland, you may choose an English division. But sometimes you may want to study in Polish. If so – as a foreigner you must prove that you will comprehend the Polish curriculum. A Polish certificate is a compulsory attachment to your enrollment documents. But before getting your certificate you should take a Polish language course Wroclaw. It will help you pass the certification exam.

Polish certificate – where to get it?


There is only one state-approved certificate. It is given by Państwowa Komisja ds. Poświadczania Znajomości Języka Polskiego jako Obcego (State Commission for the Certification of Proficiency in Polish as a Foreign Language). It is universally recognized and accepted by public entities. However – private companies also appreciate it.

The linked site contains much information you’ll find useful. Examples are:

  • Regional examination centers,
  • Textbooks,
  • Actual exams,
  • Dates of exams,
  • Legal information.

The exam is paid for. A1 to B2 levels for children and youth cost 90 euros. A1-A2 levels for adults cost 150. Both B levels will require 150 euros. The most expensive are C1 and C2, as they cost 180. Once you pass an exam, you’ll need to pay 20 euros to receive your certificate. 

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Polish certificate – are there alternatives?


The aforementioned Polish certificate is the most commonly used one. Are there alternatives to it? If you’re a foreign English Division student, you’ll be required to take a Polish language course at your university. Its Polish learning center in most cases will issue its own certificate. But be careful – it may not be recognized by other universities or companies!




Polish language course Wroclaw at Polish language school Wroclaw is the first step to a Polish certificate. You need to know the language if you want to get a certificate.