Polish course online through Skype

Polish course online

In order to conduct an effective online Polish lesson with ease, you need the right communicators. If they have all the features you need, you can focus on the content of the lesson and not on the technical side, which can sometimes be problematic.

Polish course online through Skype. How does it work?

Skype is a traditional tool that is used for video-conferencing. It also has the ability to record calls. Nowadays, Skype is sophisticated enough to allow you to transfer files and even share your own desktop with sound on. While you are on a call, you can see a chat room where you can exchange messages with each other. It is very simple and well-known device often used to conduct Polish classes online.

Advantages of Skype as a platform to teach Polish classes online

You can have Skype almost completely for free. It allows you to make calls and video calls to anyone, regardless of where they are. It allows you to make group calls, and besides that, it works on most operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android, iOS. It is quick to install and easy to use. Skype is very useful for both private and business calls. Language classes through Skype are very popular in Europe and almost every young person has heard of it and used it to learn a language.

Disadvantages of Skype

Some of the features of this instant messenger come at an extra cost, and if the internet connection is not good, the video call is lost or interrupted. In addition, if you download Skype from an unofficial site, you can catch a virus on your laptop or computer. The communicator also uses a lot of RAM. The possibility of catching a virus, however, applies to most applications that you download to your computer, so you could say that this is a drawback of any platform for learning Polish. Equally, almost every platform also has the option of a paid premium version.

Polish course online and useful Skype capabilities

While using Skype for a polsh class, you can share the screen during a call. This feature certainly comes in handy if you want to show your student or teacher a particular presentation or important video / text. You can also share sounds downloaded from the shared content of your computer. Additionally, with the camera on, Skype allows you to blur the background behind you to avoid distraction. We can also add more than one person to a conversation and delete unwanted messages. Skype has no such restrictions regarding the size of the file what makes it much easier to use. It also allows you to record the conversation. You can watch it later if you need to practice again your Polish. Sometimes we want to communicate something urgently to someone, but our interlocutor doesn’t have the ability to answer the call at the moment. Fortunately, Skype offers the possibility to send a video message that our friend can watch later. Skype also allows you to subtitle the words you say during the call. This option can come in handy when the other person is teaching us a foreign language or when we’re talking to a foreigner.

Best alternatives

Alternatives to Skype can be instant messaging services such as Microsoft Teams or Google Hangouts. Teams allows calls, video conferencing, private and group chats, desktop sharing, as well as splitting participants into groups and working in teams. Google Hangouts is a tool that enables group chats and video calls. It also allows you to work on documents, as well as screen sharing. With easy access from your smartphone and a notification option, it’s hard to miss a message you’ve received. Other useful Skype alternatives can still be WhatsApp or Cisco Webex Teams.