Polish language classes online through Google Meet

Polish language classes online

Google Meet is a programme that is part of Google Workspace. Among other things, it contains a calendar, Google Docs or other useful applications. Using it, you can participate in multi-party video conferences and lessons with people from all over the world. It’s worth mentioning that it’s necessary to have a Gmail account to use the Google Meet for example to learn Polish online.

Characteristics | Polish course online through Google Meet

Google Meet is similar to other platforms with the same purpose as Zoom and Skype. You can share your screen with other meeting participants, send text messages or record meetings. Google Meet guarantees high quality video and audio when your internet connection is reasonably good. Google Meet can be used on a variety of devices, both laptops and phones. The platform also offers innovative options such as real-time subtitles. If you want to have Polish language classes online, Google meet can be the easiest option for Gmail users.

Advantages of having Polish language classes online throught Google Meet

The biggest advantage of this instant messaging service is definitely its accessibility. Google Meet is accessible from multiple devices, including smartphones, tablets and computers, making it easy for participants to join meetings from anywhere. The communicator works seamlessly with other Google Workspace applications, such as Google Calendar and Gmail, making it easy to schedule meetings. In addition, Google Meet features strong security. The platform has implemented robust security features, including encryption and meeting access control, to help protect against data breaches. Users can share their screens seamlessly, making it useful for presentations and collaboration between participants. Google Meet allows meetings to be recorded, which can be useful for later sharing with absent team members. The platform allows a large number of participants to be served in a single meeting, which is beneficial for webinars and Polish online classes. Live captioning in different languages can be enabled, making communication between participants easier. An online class through Google Meet is very comfortable thabks to that. Google Meet is very easy to use, its interface is user-friendly.

Disadvantages of Google Meet as a tool to learn a language

Google Meet also has its disadvantages. One of them is the need for participants to have a Google account. Creating a Google account is free and relatively easy, but it can be a barrier for people who are new to the platform or prefer not to register additional mail accounts. This requirement may limit the convenience of Google Meet for some users. In addition, Google Meet’s calling feature may not be available in all regions or may incur an additional fee. This is because the feature allows you to join a meeting by dialing a phone number. Google Meet features may not be as extensive as other video conferencing services. While Google Meet offers reliable and basic features for holding meetings, it may lack advanced features that are essential for professionals or organisations. Many language schools use Google Meet for online courses but as we said before, every student has to have a Gmail account.

Available versions of Google Meet

Google Meet offers two versions to choose from: free and paid. The paid version of Google Meet is called Google Meet Premium. To use this option, users must purchase a subscription. The cost of the subscription depends on the number of users and the duration of the subscription. The paid version allows meetings of up to 24 hours and also offers the possibility to record meetings and share them later. In addition, users of this version have access to advanced meeting management tools, such as the ability to schedule meetings in advance and control participant permissions. Furthermore, Google Meet Premium is part of G Suite. It offers many other tools and applications for businesses, and a G Suite subscription gives access not only to Google Meet Premium, but also to other useful tools such as Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs and many more. Polish language classes online are much more professional when the participants use the paid version.

What makes Google Meet special?

Google Meet is not the only video conferencing software available, Microsoft Teams, Skype or Zoom are also very popular. However, what sets Google Meet apart? You do not need to install external software on your computer, as the programme runs in your browser and every connection is encrypted and secure. In addition, the programme works perfectly with other applications such as Calendar or Google Docs to help you organise meetings. For people who hold regular online meetings, manage a larger group of people or conduct training sessions – Google Meet will be a much better choice than Zoom, which lacks many functions. This is primarily due to the ease of use, joining a meeting from the calendar or via a link. We, as a Polish language school, often use Google Meet for our Polish language classes online and we find it the best platform for Polish classes!