Polish language course in Wroclaw – online or in-person?

Thanks to modern technologies we can learn foreign languages from our houses. It’s a great convenience for some learners. However, it’s not suitable for anyone. In this article, we’ll discuss who should take conversational Polish classes online or on-site Polish language courses in Wroclaw.

Polish language course in Wroclaw – remotely

Living far away

Some people live in small cities or villages. If they don’t have a language school there, they have to commute. Most likely – in the rush hours. So taking a 90 minutes-long class will take, let’s say, 3 hours from their already long and exhausting day. But if they decide to learn online, their issue is solved. The time they would spend in a car can now be spent other way.


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Being busy

Some people have very busy schedules. They work overtime, take care of their children, and so on. Commuting is just not an option for them. If they have any time to learn, the best way in their situation is a conversational Polish class online. Their time expenditure is reduced to absolute necessity.

Being an introvert

Polish language courses in Wroclaw should be also taken remotely by the introverts. If you’re one, you know what we’re talking about. You prefer to avoid crowds, noise, and overstimulation as much as possible. You can leave your house to learn, but you don’t want to. Studying in the Polish language school in Wroclaw online saves you from that. 

If you’re an introvert, even online learning may be of some discomfort to you. Why? Because some of the more introverted individuals just don’t like the group activities. They prefer to do things alone whenever it’s possible. That’s when the individual lessons should be considered. 

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Polish language course in Wroclaw – on-site

Being gregarious

This is the opposite of the last paragraph. While some of our students are timid, the other ones are gregarious. They like people. Some of them want to learn the language and also make some friends while doing so. It would be a bit hard in the conversational Polish class online, wouldn’t it?

Also, some people may want to take part in outside-of-class events like cooking Polish dishes or traveling around the country. They’re just impossible to do online, so on-site learning is the only choice then. 

Environment at home

Learning any language requires proper focus. And it’s hard to concentrate if it’s loud in your home. For example: the only day you can learn Polish is Friday. And it so happens that your roommates are having a huge party in the room next to yours. Or you’re a parent of two children who are running all around the house.

In that case, a Polish language course in Wroclaw on-site should be your choice. Schools have quiet classrooms, where no one runs, screams, and so on. You can concentrate properly.

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No distractions

Concentration issues are, regrettably, a common thing nowadays. And those who suffer from them may be easily distracted. By their phone, or the temptation to watch memes in the second window of their browser. During on-site lessons, it’s much harder to let your thoughts loose.  



Let’s be honest – Polish is very hard. Due to its complex grammarfalse friends and so on it poses a challenge even to gifted learners. And when a challenge turns into a struggle, you may lose your motivation. When you meet your classmates in the classroom, they’ll help you if you go through a harder time in your journey toward your Polish Dream. 


Our Polish language course in Wroclaw starts on 9th October (group lessons). However, you can enroll in individual ones even right now. All it takes is e-mailing us at: polishdream.wroclaw@gmail.com