Polish online lessons through Zoom

Online polish lessons

How does Zoom work?

Zoom is an easy-to-use, convenient video conferencing programme. You can install it on your computer. Zoom allows you to video chat with as many people as you want, no matter where they are. You can notify participants of upcoming meetings. The programme is easy to use and can be easily configured to work with any device or operating system.

Tips for beginners

The easiest way to join a meeting is to enter from a link provided by the organiser. If you are using Zoom on a laptop or computer, a browser will open when you click on the link. Then click on the „Open Zoom” icon and the application will launch and prompt you to enter your name. It is best to select the option „Remember my name for future meetings” and then you will not need to complete this field for future meetings. The next step when you use the app for the first time is to read the privacy policy and terms and conditions. Once you have accepted these, you are now a meeting participant without any problems.

Polish online lessons through Zoom | Advantages

One of the biggest advantages of this platform is definitely the ease of use. Zoom is user-friendly and easy to set up for a 40-minute meeting, even for those who are unfamiliar with technology. Joining or setting up a meeting usually requires minimal technical knowledge. Additionally, Zoom can be used on a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops, so participants can very conveniently join from any device. Zoom offers high quality video and audio to enhance communication among participants, and allows users to set up virtual backgrounds, which can be helpful to maintain privacy or add a touch of professionalism to online lessons. Zoom provides the ability to record meetings and replay them, as well as text chat during meetings, private messaging and file sharing.

Paid version vs. free version

Zoom offers 4 versions of its business. Free, Pro, Business and Enterprise. Each differs in price and functionality. The first – free – allows you to hold meetings with up to 100 participants. They can last a maximum of 40 minutes – after which time the conversation will end. For one-to-one meetings, however, there are no time limits. The Pro version, like the free version, offers meetings with a maximum of 100 participants, but we can extend the number to 1,000 for an additional charge. The meeting time cannot exceed 30 hours. This version also allows social media streaming and 1 GB of cloud space for recording meetings. The Business version includes all of the features of the Pro version. On the plus side, the number of meeting participants can be increased to 300 people with a paid option to extend this number to 1,000. You also gain: single sign-on, transcript recording, domain management or attaching company branding. Zoom’s last option, Enterprise, includes all the functionality of the Business plan, plus it allows 500 people to contact each other at the same time and offers unlimited cloud space. As you can see, the options are many, and everyone can tailor the right option of this platform to suit themselves.

Polish online lessons through Zoom | Reviews

The reviews for this programme are mostly positive. Zoom is considered one of the best platforms for language lessons online, and the biggest plus is definitely that this messenger always works, even when there may be slight problems with the internet connection. An argument for Zoom’s good performance is also the number of users, which in 2020 was 350 million per day. The platform offers many useful features, as well as being easy and pleasant to use.