Polish school online through Microsoft Teams

Polish school online

Polish classes online through Microsoft Teams


Microsoft Teams is a communicator used for video conferencing. It integrates with other Microsoft applications such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint, making it easy for users to collaborate on documents and projects. With Teams, users can conduct group chats, video conferencing and share files and folders in a secure way. It is also a chat-based collaboration platform that aims to simplify communication and collaboration in teams. It provides the ability for team members to collaborate, share information and keep documents organised. Teams can be created for different projects and specific goals, and enable effective collaboration on agreed tasks.

Advantages of Polish School online using MT


The main advantage of Teams messenger is its connection to the Microsoft platform. Teams integrates seamlessly with other applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneDrive. This allows for easy file sharing, editing and user collaboration. In addition, Teams supports real-time collaboration on documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Multiple team members can work on the same file simultaneously, resulting in increased productivity. Messenger features include screen sharing, recording and integration with Outlook for scheduling, in addition to Teams provides data encryption, multi-component authentication and compliance with industry standards such as RODO and HIPAA. Teams is perfect for remote meetings and its wide range of features makes it one of the best communicators for online conversations. Polish School online through MT is a good solution for all users of Microsoft.

Disadvantages of Polish classes online through MT


Although Microsoft Teams is rich in a variety of features, its abundance can also make it overwhelming, especially for new users. Another disadvantage is information overload. With multiple channels and chats, users can experience notification overload, which can lead to distraction and reduced productivity at work. Teams offers a mobile app and some offline functionality, but internet access is required to discover the full capabilities of this platform. There is also the disadvantage that collaboration with external guests, clients or partners, can sometimes be more complicated to set up and manage. The Teams service itself is included in Microsoft 365, but even so, there may be associated costs if additional features or integrations are required.

Useful features


Microsoft Teams offers many useful features, one of which is content sharing during a meeting. This option allows you to hand over control and share your desktop with other participants in the conversation. This option works especially well for joint presentations or solving common tasks, problems. Tasks can also be easily managed; once the platform is configured with the Planner application, we have the possibility to organise teamwork thanks to the visual task management function. Teams has the option to change, blur your own background during a video call. This is a great feature to prevent other users from seeing, for example, the interior of a flat or any other place you are currently in. It prevents other users from being distracted by the background behind you. Teams also has a Scheduling Assistant. With this feature, you can see a timeline in graphical form, which shows the busy and available times for each potential meeting participant. This feature makes it much easier to schedule meetings with other users. Teams also offers a search option or live captioning. With the search option, the idea is that by typing in keywords we have the option to search through old data. Live captions, on the other hand, appear as the participants speak. Breakout Rooms is a function that divides meeting participants into virtual rooms, which the organiser can switch between. It allows active brainstorming or the distribution of tasks among participants. Microsoft Teams is one of the fastest growing applications, so Microsoft has announced more features that will soon be available to users. One of the most anticipated is CarPlay. This is an option that will allow users to run the app on their in-car display. The user will be able to participate in meetings on Microsoft Teams in audio.

Comparison with other communicators 


Microsoft Teams vs Skype
Skype is another popular communication tool developed by Microsoft. Both Skype and Teams provide a wide range of options for online communication. Teams, however, offers more tools and features to use, while Skype is a more truncated version of an instant messenger for remote conversations.

Microsoft Teams vs Zoom

Zoom is a standalone video conferencing platform that gained popularity during the COVID- 19 pandemic, and while Zoom focuses primarily on video conferencing, Teams offers a wider range of tool features. It is the right choice for organisations that require both collaboration and video conferencing capabilities.