Learn Polish through total immersion

Learning Polish can be supported with a variety of means. One of them (and probably the most effective one) is total immersion. From the following article, you will learn how can you immerse yourself in the Polish language!

Why learning Polish this way is helpful?


The Polish language course will take a few hours a week. It’s a good quantity of time, which will eventually make your Polish Dream come true. But devoting your time just to Polish classes may be suboptimal. Additional efforts outside your course will make it come true faster. It is not time-consuming, as it will be done during the activities you perform anyways.

Learning Polish through total immersion means exposing yourself to it in every way possible. This way you will learn a lot of Polish vocabulary and grammar over a short period of time. 

A Hindu man taking notes with a pen. Laptop and a window in the background

Learning Polish – total immersion: Read the newspapers


It’s always good to know what’s going on. But why not use your curiosity about the world to learn Polish? Switch to Polish media and prepare a notebook. There is a lot of Polish vocabulary incoming!

Learning Polish – total immersion: Listen to the music


Just put your headphones on and listen to a genre of your choice. If you listen to Polish songs, you will also familiarize yourself with our culture. But, if you want, you can also choose songs in other languages. Many foreign songs are popular in Poland, so in most cases, you will find Polish lyrics. This method is even more valuable if you’re a busy person. You can do other things, while music is playing in the background.

Black-haired woman on a pink background uses music for Polish total immersion.

Learning Polish – total immersion: Play video games


You’re a gamer, but wonder whether you spend your time productively? Why don’t you set your games’ language to Polish? Or even play Polish video games like the famous “Witcher” series?

This method is of value because you learn through fun. Playing video games is something easy and relaxing. So, you’ll associate learning with pleasure.


Learning Polish – total immersion: write a diary


During our Polish language course in Wroclaw or online Polish class, we put an emphasis on practical learning. Part of everyday language is describing your experiences. So get a notebook and record your days. Even in the simplest words. You will learn Polish past tenses, orthography, and punctuation.

Woman writing about Polish total immersion in a red notebook. Grey sofa in the background.

Learning Polish – total immersion: watch movies and series


We already posted about Polish movies that will help you on your journey toward your Polish Dream. Through Polish movies, you will also learn the nuances of our culture. At the begging of your Polish language course, it may be wiser to watch foreign movies with Polish subtitles. You are already familiar with your native culture. This way you’ll be able to focus on Polish vocabulary without distractions.

Learning Polish – total immersion: speak to native speakers


We know it sounds obvious. But using a language in real life, outside of online Polish group classes or stationary ones is the best way to master it. If you live in Poland, you’ll have more than enough people to talk to.

Polish people use real language, not unnatural sentences from old photocopies. They will also teach you useful slang. And the locals are very helpful! In case you don’t know a word, they will gladly explain it to you.

Man and a woman talking to each other for Polish total immersion



In this article, we gave you a few ways to make your Polish Dream come true. During our Polish language course Wroclaw you will learn in a similar manner. You talk to your teacher and classmates, which is, by definition, a total immersion. The means we recommend are an extension of your educational efforts.