Learning the Polish language by watching series


Learning Polish can be more fun if we start learning by watching TV series. We’ve written about what can make it easier to learn Polish before, but today we’ll talk about specific Polish series that can make this learning easier.

Is watching TV series a good idea for learning Polish?

Watching TV series is an effective and enjoyable method of learning Polish. It is not only a way to improve listeningskills and understanding of the spoken language, but also an excellent opportunity to learn about various aspects of Polish culture and customs. There are many reasons why watching series can be helpful in learning Polish

Why does watching Polish series make it easier to learn the Polish language?

1. Getting used to authentic speech and pronunciation 

Serial dialogues present authentic communication situations and natural speech, which helps you better understand and become accustomed to real Polish.

2. Variety of vocabulary

Watching various genres of TV series allows one to become accustomed to a variety of vocabulary and phrases characteristic of social groups and life situations.

3. Learning about Polish culture

Series often reflect various aspects of Polish culture, customs, traditions and history. Therefore, when watching Polish series, it is easier for us to understand the cultural contexts in which the Polish language functions.

4. Repetition and assimilation

Repetition of dialogues from the series can help you learn new vocabulary and grammatical structures.

5. Motivation and engagement

Watching interesting series can be motivating and engaging, which promotes regular practice of Polish and continued learning.

6. Learning through pleasure

Learning Polish through watching TV series can be an enjoyable and relaxing experience, making the learning process more effective and enjoyable.

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Which series are worth watching to learn Polish?

„Rodzinka.pl” (Family.pl) – a comedy series about the daily life of a certain family, which offers simple and accessible language.

„Czas honoru” (Time of Honor) – a historical series that allows you to explore the language associated with the World War II period and the social realities of the time.


„Ranczo” (The Ranch) – a humorous series set in a rural environment that provides an abundant linguistic experience of regional dialects and colloquial language.


„Ślepnąc od świateł” (Blinded by the Lights) – a motor vehicle themed thriller. The series presents authentic dialogues, rich in colloquial expressions, idiomatic phrases and specialized vocabulary related to automotive topics.


„Na wspólnej” (In Common)- A morality series, dealing with various life issues, in which different language styles are used – from formal to colloquial. The series offers a rich vocabulary related to everyday life, interpersonal relations and various professions and life situations.


 „Belfra” (The Teacher) – crime series. It offers a rich vocabulary of criminal, police and everyday life situations. In addition, the dialogues in the series are natural and authentic, which helps you get used to the real language used by Poles in various situations.


Additional tips for learning Polish by watching series

– Remember that while watching the series, it is a good idea to additionally turn on Polish subtitles (if possible). This way you will not only become accustomed to the language, but also visually memorize it.


– An important tip will also be to write down vocabulary words or phrases that have caused particular difficulty for yourself, in order to remember them better or practice pronunciation.


– Choose the series according to your interests, so that learning Polish is also a pleasure.


– It is also important to choose a series according to your current level of Polish.


– At the beginner level, it is also a good idea to watch children’s cartoons that contain easy vocabulary and information services.

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