The best apps for learning Polish

Learning Polish can be quite a challenge. Polish is considered to be one of the most difficult languages to learn. However, motivation and regularity will guarantee success in learning Polish. You can learn with the help of online courses, stationary courses, conversations and with the help of fiches. Applications are also one of the helpful things to do when learning Polish. Apps are easily accessible, most of them are free. Moreover, they are convenient to use and you can learn at any time and any place. Even when you’re waiting in queque in a shop or when you’re walking somewhere. We practically always have our phone with us, so we can use a Polish language learning application at any time, wherever we are. Some applications also allow you to practise pronunciation or even learn together with other users, which motivates you to learn even more. So which are the best apps to learn Polish?

Learning Polish online



Its biggest advantage is that you can learn with people whose native language is Polish. All levels of the language can be found there. Lessons can be taken  individually or in a group. There is a wide selection of native speakers and free trial lessons. Through the app you can develop all skills such as speaking, writing, listening or reading. The application is very easy to use.

eTutor | The best apps for learning Polish


In this app, a test is available to determine your Polish level. Courses are available in levels from A1 to C2. This app does not have teachers, self-study is necessary. The best apps for learning Polish can also be self-taught!



This is a social network where people help each other to learn Polish. You can register for free or buy the Premium option, which allows you to unlock advanced chapters, certificates or learning plans. The big advantage of this app is that it can be used offline. The app does not have teachers. However, we can also learn from other users of the site.



This app is more about learning through play, as the layout of the site and the graphics in it resemble a game and are very appealing to the eyes. The app allows you to earn points and unlock new levels, and reminds you to learn systematically through notifications. This site has no teachers, so self-study is necessary. Speech, writing and reading can be practised.

Babbel | The best apps for learning Polish


The courses in this app are developed by experts. You can learn on your own or participate in live online lessons. You can practise speaking, writing or reading. There is a fee for this app. The best apps for learning Polish don’t have to be expensive!



This app was named App of the Year by Facebook and Best New App by Apple. With Mondly, you can practice speaking, and the app enables you to master Polish at  a native speaker level. Learning Polish is based on fun and practice. There are no teachers on the website, you have to learn on your own. In addition, this application for learning Polish is free.