Polish group SUMMER course

The main goal of the Polish Dream language school is to focus on practice and casual communication. During English courses at all levels, we put emphasis on speaking skills. We want our students to be able to use English freely in all situations of everyday and professional life. We use a self-developed program that covers all the most important aspects of the language, such as reading, vocabulary, listening comprehension and phonetics. 

The Polish language course at Polish Dream guarantees, in addition to communication skills, grammar, reading and writing texts and listening comprehension, but 80% of the classes are primarily practical. Learning Polish takes place in small groups of up to 5 people, as we believe that the fewer people in a group, the more results.If you would like to sign up for a course at Polish Dream, please fill out the form. If you have any questions, call 533 787 244 – all questions will be answered!