Learn Polish with us!

Polish course in small groups

All groups at Polish Dream language school are very small, with 3 to 5 students in each. We believe that learning is most effective in small groups, and we care most about the quality of teaching! During classes we focus mainly on speaking, and thanks to our small groups everyone has enough time to express themselves. The groups are also divided according to language groups, so that people from Spain and France can learn together, as well as people from Ukraine and Belarus, because the pace of learning for these nations is completely different. And for those who want to learn individually, we invite you to try 1:1 lessons.

We teach how to speak Polish!

We teach practical language that will be useful to you in everyday life situations in Poland. We know that many of you came to Poland without any knowledge of the language, but very often you need it at work or in everyday life. That is why our program is based on scenes from everyday life. We do not work on photocopies and don’t waste time on written exercises, because you can do these at home. During classes, we want you to be able to learn how to form sentences and pronounce them from the very first class! Practice combined with theory from the very beginning, gives the quickest results.

Polish course also online

In Polish Dream language school offer both in-person classes in the heart of we the city on Ruska Street and online, from the comfort of your own couch. In person lessons have the undoubted advantage of being able to meet other people, and by seeing others in person you can meet wonderful people, even more so when you have just arrived in Poland. On the other hand, we also know that it is often more convenient to attend lessons from home. Online classes also have the advantage that students from all over the world can participate! We invite you to visit the contact tab to sign up for group or individual classes in 2023.

Polish culture and traditions

We often get out of school and enjoy spending time with you traveling, having dinners together, cooking Polish food and visiting places associated with Polish culture! We often go on excursions outside of Wroclaw and explore the area, while integrating and trying to converse in Polish. We believe that Polish is not just words, but also a beautiful history and traditions that are worth getting to know if you want to stay in Poland for a long time. We would like Polish Dream school to be for you a meeting place, where you will get to know other people from all around the world and maybe even meet… your sweetheart!